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Well guys, this is an write-up on webinar about Relationship Blogging from BlogWithJags (plethora of webinars for Online Success) with Gaurav Jaggi and Ankit Singla.

3 Purposes for write-up

1. Unique way of promoting BlogWithJags
2. For those bloggers, who are busy with their schedule and not able to attend the long webinar.
3. Understanding about Relationship blogging.

Relationship Blogging

What Relationship blogging all about?

Relationship blogging  is all about building up connections, making friends and helping them. 

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Why do we build these connections

Your motive is to be well-known within a community and to be memorable. Building connections with mnay newbie and pro bloggers , you can indeed standout from normal audience.

How it actually works and benefits.

Basically , there are 3 different types of bloggers
1. Novice blogger
2. Amateur blogger
3. Problogger

For a novice bloggers.
As a newbie, relationship is a stream for  getting more resources and more information regarding a particular niche, while in the start of his career.
For a amateur bloggers.
Relation with other blogger category, can make his content shared everywhere.

For a pro bloggers.
They are so called pro-blogger only because of those novice and amateur bloggers. Relationships bring fame as a well-known personality and draws more traffic.

"Finally create a community to explore and share others posts. Being in relationships, indirectly help you getting traffic later. But never expected or do something to get in return."

How to create Relation with Other bloggers

Looking forward with the bloggers category, we would see how could each blogger  can create and maintain relationships. 
So lets start..

Novice -to- Novice blogger Relationship
Being same level of category, building a community is far easiest way out. Start commenting on their blog, share their content and in return they would also do the same.

Amateur- to-Novice Bloggers Relationship.
This is something really serious, building relationship with novice blogger is where you can bring more traffic. They are looking for your quality content and could give you feedback and finally improving the post quality. Answering to the doubts, giving feedback to the comments, thanking them are the best ways you can build relationship. Promoting Hangout Sessions are far appreciated by the novice bloggers.

Pro -to- novice blogger relationship
Similar to amateur bloggers,  getting fame and get your  name promoted (not your blog) is only possible because of those novice blogger. Provide case studies, provide freebies to maintain relationships.

Novice- to- Amateur bloggers relationship
Newbies must be very helpful in promoting their content, give value adding comments.

Amateur - to- Amateur bloggers relationship
Share ideas and meet personally if possible. Plan new projects and help each other to bring up both the blogs in an healthy manner.

Pro - to -Amateur blogger relationship
Probloggers must also maintain an relationship with fellow amateur bloggers to  get name promoting. They will take interview, follow you, share post and comment you.

Novice - to- Pro blogger relationship.
This relationship is very challenging, as probloggers would be very busy. Do promote contents aggressively, so that blogger may notice you and then contact you via social media.

3 Unique Strategies of Ankit  for building relationship.

1. Build relationship within comment system by discussing/asking questions and bringing interest for the blogger in you.
2. Answering to questions for the audience, when the blogger is not able to reply each of his comments. Thus creates a value/image of you before the blogger.
3. Subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog, and try to post value adding comment first on their post. Do it in regular basis to buildup relation. Even you can draw more traffic through that blog.

That's all about Relationship blogging. If you are new to blogging, start with it and I recommend to watch this webinar when you get time. 

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