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Many years agone, cell phones were nothing over a barely pocket-able device that allowed you to reach out to anywhere in the country. Today, the cellphones has became the smartphone, and also the landscapes for its capabilities are infinitely over we  ever imagined.

Your smartphone currently you have, has a wide range of features and functions. But, still there are some amazing features which your smartphones don't have. I have listed some notable features which your smartphone will be equipped with five years down the line.

Better Batteries

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This cracks first on our  list, and was pretty much a universal need.  If you think that concerning what our phones will do currently, it looks ludicrous that we tend to still cannot survive out a full day on one charge. After all battery technology has scaled with smartphone performance.Some of you weren't asking for much, but still maybe just the whole weekend on a single charge (seems reasonable!), some may be more greedy too (especially the gamers !!)

Faster Charging

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Everyone been busy, you needs your work done faster. Similarly you might want your smartphone to charge faster rather than taking hours to charge.Samsung had indeed came up with faster charging battery on Note 4 , from completely dead to 50 % battery life in 30 minutes. Still the figure is not as 30 seconds, anyways a good start.

One Wireless Charging Standard

Wireless charging images

Wireless charging which has been   rarely-implemented feature in smartphones that's only recently started to gain widespread acceptance. Universal standards for everything  but wireless charging seems like our best bet since it's still not yet been for universal purpose . The good news is, we're getting closer! We still have PMA and  Qi wireless charging standards now.

Solar Charging

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We always simply reimagine how we charge things generally. Intergrating solar glass into smartphones would be pretty cool different option to the whole lightning connector/microUSB thing.. Kinectic charging, phones that charge whereas you walk, would not be regrettable either. Or hey, why not both?

Mass Ruggedization

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Smartphones tend to fall on ground or moreover gets dip in water. Waterproofing is starting to gain some traction.  Atleast your smartphone could  able to withstand some  decent-height drop. Hopefully soon all of our pocket computers will be adequately protected against various circumstances.

I hope you might be wondering your smartphones could have all these features.

Stay tunned and post back your comments, to help you more better