Samsung has launched world largest UHD tv (5120 * 2160px resolution). It has 105-inch screensize and 11 million pixel display which indeed created boom on the market. The pliable bendable tv has been launched cuurently launched for European markets.
Samsung UHD TV image
Samsung launched at an expectation knewing many people love different viewing experience.The price of the UHD tv has not yet announced.The 11 million pixel display screen has been almost five times the resolution of full high definition televisions. 

The new Samsung curved TV a custom lock screen has a quad-core processor to power the smart functions it features.This display panel of this 105-inch Tv has 21 : 9 aspect ratio and 4.2-meter radius.

The main notable feature of curved Tv is that it can change modes-  from flat to curved screen - so that viewers can have greater control on screen type. It also has 160W  built-in speaker that delivers an ultimate viewing experience.
Samsung UHD TV image

Samsung has partnered amusement content suppliers like Amazon, Netflix for UHD tv.
The company's representative aforesaid from this month, Samsung falciform UHD TVs are going to be able to support Netflix UHD streaming in extra European countries as Netflix more expands its service.